To meet the Instructor Certification Program employment requirement:

  1. Apply to the program through the Registrar's Office.
  2. Register 
  3. Complete the courses.
  4. Apply to graduate to receive a Certificate.


Download the Admissions - Application Form

Option 1: print, fill out, scan and email the application to

Option 2: print, fill out and hand deliver the application to the registration area on campus in the center core (PA1140)

FYI-How is Your Application Processed?
The Admission Process is the same regardless if the applicant is a full-time/part-time continuing faculty, or causal/term instructor.

  1. Application is entered and the processing fee is waived
  2. Application is passed onto admissions
  3. Admission will process and phone the faculty member to pic up the offer (you do not need to order transcripts.  Admission is based on employment with the college)
  4. Faculty is required to sign the Response to Offer of Admission, but tuition deposit is waived.
  5. Faculty registers online through myHorizon(instructions below)


Go to the ICP Schedule for the current schedule and course code.

Once you are accepted into the program you can register for courses in Bridge by searching for the courses in the 'Learning Library'.


Successfully complete the courses or complete the courses via Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).

For specific steps refer to the Instructor Certification Program Process for Prior Learning Assessment Recognition

FYI-How does Prior Learning Assessment Work in the ICP?
The Instructor Certification Program Requirements may be met in a number of different ways other than completion of the ICP program:

As per the LCFA Collective Agreement--Appendix A

  • Exemptions may be granted in view of previous training or experience.
  • Courses offered by an accredited institution may be deemed as suitable alternatives to courses described in this program.

Please note:
If you would like to receive the ICP certificate, in order to meet the residency requirement you must complete two (2) of the ICP courses delivered by Lethbridge College to convocate.  In this instance, you may on receive PLA for four (4) courses.  If an instructor has received PLA for five (5) courses and chooses to complete only one course delivered by Lethbridge College they will not meet the residency requirement.  As such, the instructor will meet the employment requirement, but will not receive the credential.


You must apply to graduate.

If you are successfully completed or will complete your program requirements prior to the end of academic year (June) you may apply to graduate.

Find the Application to Convocate/Graduate in myHorizons in the Reference Document Section under Forms.

Submit the application to the Registrar's Office In person: PA1140
Fax: 1-888-819-9803
Mail: Records-Lethbridge College, 3000 College Dr. S., Lethbridge AB T1K 1L6

Steps for Registering through myHorizon

  1. Click on the "Reference Documents" tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Choose "Forms".
  3. Choose search forms and type in "Application to Graduate/Convocate"


  • ICP courses are offered at no cost to the applicant. There may be a cost for books and supplies in some courses.
  • All participants in the ICP courses must apply to and be accepted into the program. 
  • Full time instructors will get priority with registration in any ICP course as they are required to take these courses. Casual, term certain instructors and staff will be allowed to register in a course if there is room. Registration will take place on a first come first served basis. If a course is full and a full time instructor wants access to the course, a registrant who is casual, term certain, or staff may be removed from the course to provide space for the full time instructor. If this occurs you will be notified.
  • If instructors have prior learning experience, they may choose to apply for Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR) for some or all of the ICP courses.The residency requirement for the Instructor Certification program is four credits (25 percent of the credential credits). Accordingly, instructors must complete at least two courses in the ICP program to be eligible to receive the credential.
  • The ICP program participation is tracked by HR.  If you have any question please contact
  • If you register for the ICP program and decide not to follow through with it and do not withdraw by the add/drop date you will receive and AF(Academic Failure) on your transcript.