The Instructor Certification Program requirements may be met in a number of different ways other than completion of the ICP program:

As per the LCFA Collective Agreement – Appendix A

  • Exemptions may be granted in view of previous training or experience.
  • Courses offered by any accredited institution may be deemed as suitable alternatives to courses described in this program.

For specific steps please refer to the “Instructor Certification Program – Process for Prior Learning Assessment” document.

Please note:  
If you would like to receive the ICP certificate, in order to meet the residency requirement you must complete two (2) of the ICP courses delivered by Lethbridge College to convocate.  In this instance, you may only receive PLA for four (4) courses.  If an instructor has received PLA for five (5) courses and chooses to complete only one course delivered by Lethbridge College they will not meet the residency requirement. As such, the instructor will meet the employment requirement but will not receive the credential.