Nominate a deserving instructor... Deadline is March 29, 2019.

LCFA/SA Teaching Excellence Awards- Award Description & Procedure
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Number of Awards
One to two awards will be offered each year.

Type of Award
Each recipient will receive a certificate awarded by the Faculty and Students Association.

Instructors who have delivered a minimum of four semesters of credit courses at Lethbridge College are eligible for nomination. The nominees must be employed at the College the year in which they are nominated for the award. Teaching Excellence awards are open to ALL teaching staff.

Nominations are eligible for the current year as well as the following year providing the nominee indicates their interest in having their nomination remain standing.

Note: Nominees for LCFA/SA Teaching Excellence Awards may be kept on file and used for ACCC or NISOD nominations.


Nomination Procedure

Step 1  The nomination summary form must be supported by one peer and one students (present or alumni) of the nominee. It is recommended that this form be sent in one to two weeks prior to the deadline. Nomination Summary Form

Step 2  Each person supporting the nomination must complete the one‑page nominator form. The nominations should reflect the criteria for the award as listed below. Additional materials supporting the nomination may be attached. The completed forms should be sent electronically. Support Nominator Form

Step 3  The nominee submits an email to give consent to the nomination.

Step 4  If selected, the successful candidate will be required to submit a teaching and learning philosophy, a description of strategies they employ in the classroom, lab or shop areas as well as a photo (arrangements can be made with AV)