ICP 1151 - Curriculum Development

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to
 1.  Incorporate Lethbridge College policies and procedures into course design and teaching practices
 2.  Identify the elements of a curriculum and explain how these elements influence the development of courses and programs
 3.  Compare different methods of curriculum design and development
 4.  Describe formal and informal methods for evaluating the quality of a program
 5.  Complete a detailed curriculum map of a program showing alignment between College, program and course outcomes
 6.  Integrate 21st century skills into course and program curriculum
 7.  Incorporate adult learning principles into teaching and learning strategies
 8.  Design strategic and learner centered instructional strategies that incorporate purposeful flexibility and support key concepts and skills necessary for learners to meet and intended learning outcome
 9. Determine assessment tools appropriate to the learning outcomes for the course, learning styles, adult learning theory and instructional strategy used. 

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