ICP 1153 - Analysis of Teaching & Learning 

 The student will:
 1. Complete the Instructional Skills Workshop
2. Develop lesson plans that identify learning outcomes, activities, and assessments that are clearly aligned
3. Demonstrate the basic elements of a mini lesson: bridge in, outcomes, pretest, participation, post-test, and summary
4. Use technology to enhance instruction
5. Provide objective constructive feedback in a variety of forms (verbal, video, written)
6. Use questioning techniques and appropriate facilitative strategies to achieve collaborative lessons
7. Apply adult learning principles in the design and delivery of lessons
8. Engage in classroom observations to gain insight into professional practice
9. Develop a plan for further personal and professional development
10. Define Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and discuss potential research questions
11. Explore and analyze teaching strategies that meet the needs of 21st century learners

Note: ISW is a pre-requisite to enroll into ICP 1153.

Please note that registration for all ICP courses is done through the Registrar’s Office.