ICP 1156 -Personal & Program leadership

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to
 1. Explain various roles and responsibilities associated with leaders as compared to managers within the different levels of post-secondary institutions in Canada
 2. Identify the elements of leadership theory and explain how this theory can be applied to the post-secondary environment
 3. Describe the cultural elements associated with academia and explain how these cultural characteristics relate to leadership styles
 4. Identify, explain and demonstrate elements central to the team building process
 5. Develop the ability to provide and receive constructive feedback to and from peers specific to the development of leadership skills
 6. Identify individual conflict styles, and develop and demonstrate effective conflict resolution and mediation strategies
 7. Examine and evaluate personal leadership skills as demonstrated during a worksite experience
 8. Develop a personal leadership philosophy and mission statement
 9. Develop a personal leadership growth and development plan

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